Stretches You Should do Daily

Stretching is important part of health and fitness that sometimes gets overlooked. If I’m being honest, I don’t stretch as much as I should. Stretching not only increases flexibility, but also can prevent against injury and is a great way to decompress.

Typically you should stretch for at least 5 minutes after each workout. Targeting the muscles you just worked. Stretches should never feel painful. Once you get to the point you can feel the stretch, hold it there, don’t try to push further, this could cause injury.

Stretching daily can also help your posture. Some muscles such as the pectorals may be tight, causing you to roll your shoulders and hunch forward. The bad posture and tight muscles get worse and worse and if they go long enough without being fixed, can become permanent.

Luckily, it takes a VERY long time for that to happen and things such as stretching can help stop or reverse these issues.

This short video features follow along stretches targeting all over the body!

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