Beginner Upper Body Workout

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DESCRICPTION: Perform each exercise for the number of reps and sets given (ex- 3×10 means 10 reps for 3 sets) For this workout you will perform all 3 sets of one exercise at a time with a 15 second break in between each set, once you have completed all 3 sets, move to the next exercise. Each exercise is explained under the photo.

Hammer Curl to Press 3×10

*Notice hand position* Bring dumbbells up to shoulders (curl) then overhead (press). Then back to shoulders and back down to your sides, thats 1 rep!

Snow Angel 3×10

*Notice hand position* Start with dumbbells in front of you, make a big circle (snow angel like) until you bring your dumbbells overhead. Now bring them back down in that same circle movement, thats 1 rep!

B/O Row 3×10

Start in a hinge position (hips pushed back, chest towards floor, back straight) Bring dumbbells up to your sides, squeeze shoulder blades in second position (row). Bring weights back down to first position, thats 1 rep!

Front/Side Raises 3×10

Start with weights at your side. Bring them up in front of you to shoulder level with arms slightly bent. Back down to sides, now bring them up to the side, again arms slightly bent. Thats 1 rep!

OH Ext 3×10

Hold one end of you dumbbell, start with elbows bent and weight behind your head. Now straighten your arms without moving your upper arm. Your bicep should stay next to your ear.

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