Full Body Floor AMRAP Workout

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DESCRIPTION: Set timer for 20 minutes. Perform each exercise 10x (10x each side with any unilateral movement) one after another. Once you get through all exercises, start at the beginning and go through them again. Keep repeating until time is up. Explanation of exercise under each picture.

Hip Bridge with Chest Press

hip bridge chest press chest hamstrings glutes workout exercise
Press hips up into bridge then press your dumbbells, bring dumbbells back down and hips back down. Thats 1 rep, you have 9 more!

Plank DB Slide

plank dumbbell slide core shoulders workout exercise
Hold a plank with feet wide, try to twist torso as little as possible while you grab the dumbbell with your left hand and bring it over to the right, now grab it with you right hand and bring it to the left. Do this 10x each side, 20x all together.

Boat Hold with Bicep Curl

boat hold bicep curl biceps core workout exercise
Hold the boat position an start with dumbbells down by your side, bring dumbbells into a curl position then back down. Thats 1 rep, 9 more to go!

Cross Body Mountain Climbers

cross body mountain climber core shoulders quads workout exercise
Start out in a plank position, bring your knee to the opposite arm, keep going back and forth between sides until you get to 20 all together!

Fire Hydrants to Kickback

fire hydrants kickbacks glutes hamstrings workout exercise
Start on your hands and knees, lift your leg up to the side in a 90 degree angle then kick your leg straight back, come back to your hands and knees. Thats 1 rep, do 10 on each side, 20 all together!

I hope you enjoy this workout!! Drop a comment if you tried it and tag me on Instagram! 💪🏼😊

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