11 Baby Items I Could Not Live Without

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When I became pregnant I spent SO much time adding baby items to my registry. I probably sat on the computer for over 2 hours a day just looking through every post I could find, adding everything that person was talking about to my list. Now that my little girl is 4 months old, I’ve realized the items I could never have lived without! Most of them I’m currently still using!! It took me a long time and a lot of different posts to find the things I absolutely loved and now I’m sharing them with you!

1) Haakaa

This item I actually found through a friend who had a baby 5 months before I did. Basically this item goes on the other breast you aren’t using to breastfeed and uses suction to catch the milk! If I wasn’t using the haakaa, the other breast would just leak. UGH! It’s very frustrating to waste that precious liquid! This item fixes that and also saves your milk, woo!! This little guy was a lifesaver until baby uses both breasts.

2) Reusable Breast Pads

When I was in the hospital, I went through countless amounts of pads. You leak like crazy at first. I bought these reusable pads and they were great!! I always cleaned them with my daughters clothes since I put her load on delicate and they would come out so soft again. I don’t currently use them anymore as I don’t really leak now but these were a MUST HAVE for the first few months, especially during the night!

3) 10+ Sleepers

I got a ton of baby clothes at my baby shower (and from my Mother who always found great deals at various places 😋) But what I didn’t get a lot of was sleepers! I think I got maybe 2-3 for NB-6M. I’ve bought what I feel like is a million more and still feel like I don’t have enough!! I didn’t put ANY sleepers on my registry.. no wonder I didn’t get many! I would suggest getting 10 or more sleepers for your baby for each size. That way you don’t have to clean them 3 times a week just so you have a sleeper to put baby in! (Trust me thats the last thing you’re gonna want to be doing!) Some of the sleepers I LOVE are Burts Bees (who knew they even made these!?) and Carters Cotton Sleep & Play.

4) Diaper Genie

The diaper genie is AMAZING! Hands down. Amazing. It’s so easy to just throw the dirty diaper right in, using your foot to open and close it, and I NEVER smell dirty diaper. I’ve even used off brand diaper genie bags and still smell nothing! I love this thing.

5) Thermometer

You need a thermometer. But not any old thermometer. My sister got me one I put on my registry for the forehead, when my daughter felt like she had a fever I used it but it didn’t seem accurate. I then read the back which said it wasn’t accurate until the baby was older! So I quickly ordered a rectal thermometer. This way of taking their temperature is most accurate.

6) Monitor

I changed my mind about the monitor I wanted about 20 times! I was terrified of SIDS and wanted something I knew would alert me if my baby were to stop breathing. I ended up getting the Angel Care. The reviews on this monitor were amazing and I knew I needed to have it! The monitor picture is so clear, even at night. The distance you can take it is incredibly far! I was able to go outside for a little bonfire while my daughter was sleeping in her crib and I could still see her crystal clear! It also comes with a monitor that goes underneath the crib mattress and detects babies movements. If it doesn’t feel movement for 15 seconds, it beeps trying to possibly awaken or alert baby, then once it hits 20 seconds it beeps until you turn it off on the monitor screen. This has given me so much piece of mind! I’m very thankful for this monitor.

7) Mr Moose

So I call this guy Mr. Moose. He is a god send. My Mother got me this and it calms my daughter down like nothing else, she could be having a total meltdown and I turn this guy on and she immediately stops and stares at him! Now, I know this won’t work for every baby.. but hey, its worth a shot and he is so incredibly cute! The only thing I don’t like is that you have to keep pressing the button for him to talk and sing, but when she’s able to do it herself, it’ll be even better!

8) Bouncer

Since the first night we brought our daughter home, she has used a bouncer. As I’m writing this, she is sitting in her bouncer, kicking her feet and watching her cartoons. 😍 She loves it and so do I! I’m able to easily move it while I workout, do the dishes, do some work or whatever! It’s a must have.

9) Carrier

The carrier was an item I also spent a lot of times researching. I ended up going with the Infantino and its great!! It has a ton of pockets, its super easy to adjust and put on and you can wear it on your front or back. I’ve used it while hiking, working out, going for walks or even just to hold her while I’m doing things around the house if she’s being cranky. 😝

10) Stroller

At first I was looking at the BOB, but knew if I didn’t get it at my shower, there was no way I’d be able to afford it. So I started looking at similar strollers with big tires, a sleek look and that were great off road (I live on a dirt road) Well I found the perfect stroller. I absolutely adore this stroller. I have been using it since my daughter was 2 weeks old (Didn’t even have her in a carseat because I don’t have a carseat that comes out of the car) I was afraid she might be too small to put in it yet, but the seat reclines, letting you lay your baby down! This stroller feels like its floating as it just glides so smoothly as you walk. I’ve taken it to some trails we have around here that are paved and it feels like you’re pushing air!! Even now she’s 13lbs and I load it up with blankets, my water, etc and still just glides. Its the perfect height for me (I’m 5’4″) This stroller is fantastic and worth every penny.

11) Diaper Backpack

You gotta have a diaper bag, but why not a diaper backpack?! I am so glad I got a backpack instead of a bag.. It makes it so much easier to carry her when I don’t have anything in my hands! The backpack I chose is so cute, but what really got me was that it has probably about 20 pockets, whaaaat?! It has 2 large areas, then inside those theres more pockets. It has a pocket hidden on the back I didn’t even know was there until about a month ago. It has a medium sized pocket I put all the diapers and wipes in with more pockets inside that, then a front pocket where I put hand sanitizer, pacifiers, and it has even more pockets on the inside to put bottles or whatever you’d like. If you LOVE pockets, you need this!! This backpack holds a ton!

All these items have helped me greatly! I really hope they do the same for you! ☺️

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