10 Things You Need to Stay Fit with Your Newborn Baby

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*Always check with your doctor to make sure it is ok for you to exercise. Everyone heals differently after birth and some may be ready to get back to exercise sooner than others. Take it slow and listen to your body.

Like so many other mamas, one of my thoughts when pregnant was “What do I need to stay fit with my newborn?” Maybe a better question is, how in the world am I going to stay fit with a newborn?!?!! Don’t worry! I had my little girl in November 2019 and I’ve been back into a workout routine for quite some time! 🙂 It’ll take some getting used to with your baby, but you will get a routine down at some point! I researched quite a bit about things that you could not live without with a newborn, especially things that would help me stay active. This list of things are what I truly believe helped me and things I plan on getting in the future. They are going to help me stay fit with my little love and they’ll help you too!!

1) A Good Stroller

Number 1 of course is going to be a good stroller!! I changed my mind about 10 times before I found the stroller I LOVED! I wanted a stroller that handled well off-road since I live on a dirt road and knew I would take it hiking. I also wanted a stroller that was very light weight and easy to maneuver. Well I found it! This stroller feels like nothing to push even uphill and is so easy to get up and over things like a curb. I am head over sneakers for this stroller! I have the Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller in the color “liberty”. There are quite a few different options to choose from with the baby trend but I really liked the features of the range. It has a reclining seat which is adjustable, along with an adjustable harness. The front wheel is lockable! 2 cup holders for you plus a little closable tray for your phone and keys, 2 cup holders and tray for baby, and lots of room in the basket underneath! I put my daughter in this for the first time around 6 weeks, I would have put her in it a lot sooner if it was warmer! I used a blanket around her shoulders to keep her from slouching to one side. I was originally looking at a $350 stroller.. but this one is just as good for way less! Very impressed!

2) A Wind Cover

This was something I didn’t even think about until after I had gotten my stroller. I wanted to take my daughter for a walk, but even sometimes when it was warm enough it was wayyy too windy. I know babies can’t regulate their body temperature at this age so I wouldn’t bring her outside in fear that she’d be too cold. I started looking around and found this Baby Stroller Rain Cover. It has been a LIFE SAVER!!! This product is amazing and very well priced. I was very surprised when I received it by how good the quality was! It is quilted so it keeps your baby warm and safe from wind, snow or rain. It has little vents for air to get out and also has a big front window that unzips! I use it all the time. If I’m worried about my daughter being a little too cool, I throw this right on and can unzip it to give her some air! Such a great find. If I didn’t have this I wouldn’t be getting outside as much!

3) A Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is the next best thing to a stroller!! I started using a carrier very early, maybe around 2 weeks! Most babies love these so they can be chest to chest with mama. 🙂 I just took my daughter for a walk in mine yesterday and she fell right asleep! She loves it. I use the Infantino Carry On Carrier. This baby carrier is great! It is easy to adjust and easy to put on, it has a ton and I mean A TON of pockets which is awesome! It can be worn on your front or back. The front folds down for when baby can start facing forward. I feel very safe with this carrier and trust my baby isn’t going anywhere! This is great to use for walks or to workout with baby!

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4) A Great Pair of Sneakers

You’ll definitely want to invest in a good pair of sneakers! During pregnancy my feet were killing me.. As a trainer I stood for most of the day with little breaks in between clients. My sister has always raved about these sneakers, then my mom got a pair and since she’s the same size as me I tried them during a workout with my little love. WOW. I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out I needed these sneakers!!! Brooks are an amazing sneaker for running, walking, training, YOU NAME IT! I have the Brooks Women’s Launch 6 Running Shoe. These are my new favorite shoe and I will definitely be buying many more in tons of different colors! 😀

5) A Bouncer

If you’re mostly an indoor workout type of person, you’ll need a Bouncer for babe to sit in! Some workouts you just really can’t use a carrier to get it done. The bouncer allows you to have your baby right there while you workout! My daughter absolutely loves sitting in her bouncer and kicking while she watches mommy workout. She’s already the best workout buddy. 🙂

6) A Baby Seat

My daughter is 3 months old and already almost outgrown her bouncer! It has served me well from newborn to 3 months, but if you’re looking for something for your babe who’s over 3 or 4 months, a seat is a great bet! I do not have one yet but am planning on getting one soon! I am looking at the Bumbo Baby Infant Floor Seat which is recommended for babies 3-9 months of age or the Upseat which has a tray and is also great for your babies posture! The Upset also can be used as a booster seat instead of a highchair!

7) A Nursing Sports Bra

Obviously when most women workout they need a supportive sports bra.. well you’ll need one even more once your breasts get even bigger and are ready for nursing! I would definitely suggest getting A FEW sports bras that are meant for nursing. If baby is crying and wants to eat while you’re in the middle of a workout, it is so much easier to get yourself ready if you’re wearing a nursing bra and not just a sports bra…. trust me. 😛 I was going to get Kindred Bravely Bras, I had them on my registry, they had great reviews! But every time they were out of my size! These bras are not a high impact bra but I have something very similar and they work well for me! (I’m probably only a size C now, B before) These bras are a bit more supportive, are super cute and come in a bunch of colors!! 🙂

8) A Water Bottle

A water bottle is a MUST for working out with baby! Its very important when you’re breast-feeding to stay hydrated! Water intake varies from person to person but the standard is at least 64oz but obviously more if you’re breast-feeding and exercising! These water bottles range from 18-64oz, are stainless steel, insulated and leak proof! They also comes in soooo many different colors and designs! ALSO – Some of them can be customized! So cool!

9) A Resistance Band or 2.. or 3

After baby, most body weight exercises will be more than enough to get your sweat on. But if you’re looking for a little extra umph and aren’t quite ready for free weights, you should try resistance bands! You can use them for various types of exercises and they come in a bunch of different styles! I would definitely get some circle bands and some bands with handles. Both are awesome to use! These have handles and can be used for a number of upper body exercises and even some lower body exercises! There are a lot of what I call “Booty Bands” to choose from, I own peach bands, but I’m looking to get a pair of fabric bands. The fabric material makes it so the band stays in place and doesn’t roll up! I used them at the gym I worked at and loved them!

10) An Elliptical

Last but not least, an elliptical! This is a great machine to use if you’re new to exercise, a pro, or just want to workout indoors. I have been searching for an elliptical for quite some time and feel I’ve found some pretty good ones! Depending on your price range, these ellipticals vary in price and in size. What I love about ellipticals is that they are easy on your joints while also delivering a great workout. Most of them are pretty quiet so you can use them while baby is sleeping soundly next to you.


These are not necessarily things you need, BUT I’ve used them in multiple workouts since having my daughter and love them! A good set of dumbbells. I have a pair of 5,10,15,20 & 25 lbs. If you were to get some of these, I would start out with 5lbs and 10lbs (I think they even have 8lbs if you wanted something in the middle)! A medicine ball. Medicine balls are really fun and can be used for multiple purposes! I use them for ball slams, plank ball drags, squat to toss. Its fun to switch it up with a medicine ball once in a while instead of dumbbells, plus you can’t really toss and catch or slam a dumbbell HAHA! A workout mat. Not necessary, but definitely comes in handy if you have hard wood floors like we do! (fake wood actually :p )

Well thats it! These 10 things are life savers when it comes to working out with your little love. I hope these help you on your journey to health with your precious bundle of love! 🙂

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