5 Bicep Curl Variations

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The bicep curl. An awesome bicep exercise that sometimes can get just plain old booooooring. These 5 bicep curl variations are sure to spice up your workout!!!

The Hammer Curl

hammer curl bicep curl biceps exercise

The hammer curl is a simple twist on a traditional curl. Basically all you’re doing here is turning your palms in the whole time instead of your palms facing out. Bring your dumbbells to your shoulders and then back down to your sides.

The Kettlebell Curl

kettlebell curl bicep curl biceps exercise

This curl is great! You’re basically doing a close grip curl here which targets the bicep a bit differently than your traditional curl. Hold the kettlebell by the horns and curl it up to your chest then back down. This curl could also be done with a plate, medicine ball or even one dumbbell.

The Band Curl

band curl bicep curl biceps exercise

Another good one! The band curl. Using a band causes the top of the movement to be much harder than the bottom, creating a much different feeling. Step on the middle of the band and bring your arms up like a traditional bicep curl.

The Elevated Curl

elevated curl bicep curl biceps exercise

The elevated curl is a tough one! Definitely drop your weight a bit here, your arm will get tired! Start by having your arm out straight, palm facing up. Curl in as if you’re flexing your bicep, like shown!

The Concentration Curl

concentration curl bicep curl biceps exercise

This curl helps you focus just on the bicep. By keeping your upper arm isolated, you’re not allowing your arm to swing. When your arm swings during a bicep curl, the momentum is helping you execute this exercise. So here we take that opportunity away. You can have your arm against your leg as pictured or use something like a bench that can be placed at an incline to rest your upper arm on. OH! By the way, the sneakers I’m wearing are Brooks and they are seriously the most comfy shoes I’ve ever owned!!

I hope these exercises create a little more fun in your workouts! 😀

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