The Best 5 Booty Burning Exercises

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One of my favorite muscles to work (and I think a lot of women can agree) is the booty, aka the glutes!!! I don’t know about you, but when I feel that burn in my glutes, it makes me feel so good. Haha weird, I know. 😛 I get a little too excited about weird things. But anywayyy, the glutes are a super important muscle that should not be ignored! Finding exercises you love and that really target those muscles will help you reach your goals! It can be frustrating when you think an exercise is going to target a certain muscle only to find out it doesn’t. Am I not doing the move right? Do i have the correct form? Being confident and knowing how to effectively do a workout is key!

So here are a few of my favorite glute exercises. I know you’ll enjoy them as much as I do! 🙂



If we’re targeting the glutes, we can’t skip the deadlift. This is one of my absolute favorite exercises. Form here is crucial so you do not injure your back. Make sure you have got the hinge down before performing this exercise. In a hinge you want to push your hips back as far as you can while your chest comes down towards the ground. Keep your dumbbells as close as you can to your legs. Shoulders back, back nice and flat and your knees soft! Keeping your knees locked during a deadlift can increase risk for injury such as pulling a hamstring.

deadlift glutes booty hamstrings exercise

Banded Kickbacks

I love using bands. Theres so many different ones to choose from, a ton of different resistances and so many different uses! This exercise really makes those glutes burnnnnn. Place the band right above your knees, find a spot you can lean forward and support yourself, keep your back straight, try not to overextend your back while kicking back.

banded kickbacks booty exercise glutes bands

Single Leg Deadlift

OK.. I lied. This, might be my favorite exercise for the glutes. 😛 Its a deadlift but, you guessed it, on one leg! This exercise is great to really target each glute muscle separately, while also testing your balance! If needed find something to put your empty hand on for balance.

single leg deadlift booty hamstrings glutes exercise

Fire Hydrant

This one is a little goofy, basically you look like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant 😀 BUT this exercise burns SO GOOD. This exercise really targets that “side booty”. This exercise can be done with no equipment and still be super effective but here I’m going to show it with a band!

fire hydrant booty exercise side booty glutes

Banded Squat Walk

If you really want to feel the burn, you don’t want to skip this one. This one works best if you have a good 30-50 feet to work with. So take it outside if you can! 🙂 You want the band right above both knees. Start by getting into a half squat, hold that half squat as you walk sideways! Make sure when you come back the other way, you don’t spin around! Stay facing the same way the whole time so you go both ways. This one is KILLER. If you feel you’re breaking form, stand up and take a break for a few seconds then get back to it. NEVER, with an of these exercises, keep pushing through with bad form. You are doing more harm than good and could seriously injure yourself!

banded squat walk booty exercise side booty

Now get to it! 😉

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