15 Minute Pregnancy Workout

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*Always check with your doctor to make sure it is ok for you to exercise. Being active during pregnancy is very important but may not be best for some women who may have a high risk pregnancy or other health concerns.

This workout is known as an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). This is a great workout for any trimester that only takes 15 minutes! I posted this workout on my Instagram when I was about 6 1/2 months pregnant (not the same pictures :p ) Also theres only 4 exercises. Just 4!! This workout targets your full body and is super simple. Set your timer for 15 minutes and do as many rounds of these 4 exercises as possible!

Clean and Press x10 (Each Side)

This exercise is known as a crossfit move. Its usually done with a barbell using two hands. I like to do it with a kettlebell so you can twist the kettle bell around, flip it over your wrist then press. But here I’m just using a dumbbell so I won’t get you confused. 😛 Start by setting the dumbbell in front of you in between your legs. Have the dumbbell laying so when you go to pick it up your palm is facing towards either side NOT forward or backward. Use the momentum of grabbing the dumbbell and coming up quickly to bring the dumbbell to your shoulder and then press it overhead. Make sure you have good form when picking up your weight! Don’t bend your back! You can stay on one side then switch after 10 or alternate sides.

clean and press full body exercise shoulders


Reverse Lunge x10 (Each Side)

I loveeeeeee lunges. Like a lot. 😀 Lunges are great to do during pregnancy since they target your glutes and quads. Working these muscles helps get your body ready for birth. This exercise also helps strengthen your pelvic floor. Here I’m doing these lunges with weight but you can do body weight if needed! Make sure your shoulders are back, take one big step back onto your toe and lower to the ground. These can also be done alternating or do one leg 10 times then switch.

reverse lunge quads leg exercise

Front Raise Hold High Knees x10 (Each Side)

High knees are a great cardio exercise. Then adding the front raise hold gives it a little extra challenge! Take your weight, doesn’t have to be a dumbbell, could be a kettlebell or medicine ball, and press it straight out from your chest. Then begin your high knees! If you feel yourself starting to roll your shoulders, stop, reset your form and start again. Do a total of 20 of these alternating sides.

high knees front raise hold exercise


Squat with Pushout x10

This one is my fave out of this workout. Its a little challenging but so rewarding! So have your weight at your chest, squat down, then push your weight straight out from your chest. The most challenging part of this is keeping your back straight and shoulders back while squatting down and pushing the weight out, so pay attention to your form!

squat with pushout exercise quads legs shoulders

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